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Rava-Russkaya heat station
Thermal station


Thanks to this project, four coal heat stations have shifted to a local fuel type - wood chips in Rava-Ruska. The institutions provided with the energy generated by boiler houses equipped with KRIGER boilers  - KVM (a) -0.82 and KALVIS-400 are as follows:
•    Professional Lyceum at 1-ho Lystopada str, 6a;
•    Training and Educational Complex "Rava-Russka School-Gymnasium" at 1 Sirka str.  ;
•    Secondary school  № 2 at  7 Sonyachna str;
Heat station with boilers  KALVIS  - 100 M  -2 pc.
•    Preschool №1 at. 2 Drahomanova str;
Heat station with boilers KALVIS - 100  and  KALVIS - 140M
•    Secondary school  № 1 at 20a Hrushevskogo Str.
Heat station with boilers KALVIS - 250  and  KALVIS - 250M
•    Potelytska Secondary school , Lviv region, Zhovkva district, v. Potelych, 120 Tsentralna str,
Heat stations are equipped with HKPI. There is a heat metering, as well as chemical water demineralization pumping. The temperature of boilers reaches 95-70 ºС. The reconstruction of coal boiler houses also enables to eliminate the negative impact on the environment of the surrounding areas caused by coal combustion.

  • Installed capacity is 2,16 MW
  • m. Rava-Ruska, Lviv region

Rava-Russkaya heat station

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