The group of companies EKO OPTIMA, based on EKO-OPTIMA LLC, unites several companies engaged in the development and implementation of renewable environmentally friendly energy sources in the territory of Western Ukraine.

EKO OPTIMA implements investment projects for the construction and operation of power generating facilities based on solar, wind and hydro energy.

Another area of ​​activity of the group is the generation of thermal energy by utilizing waste from renewable bioresources, in particular wood chips.

As of 2017, the Group has already built and commissioned three Solar, One Wind and Two Thermal Power Plants.

The total power of commissioned power plants is 24.1 MW, which produces 43.4 million kWh. for a yea

The total capacity of commissioned heat plants is 2 MW, which produce 2000 Gcal per year

The group consists of the following enterprises - operators of existing objects:

  • Wind power station StarySambir 1 - LLC "Eco Optima"
  • Sambir Solar Power Plant - LLC "Sambir Solar Station"
  • Sambir Solar Power Station-2 - LLC Sambir Solar Station-2
  • Solar Power Plant "Bogorodchanska-1" - "Solar Power Plant" Bogorodchanska-1 "LLC
  • 4 Heat stations in the cities of Ravarskaya and Truskavets - LLC "Rava-Rus heat power plant"

Along with the existing projects, the group is constantly engaged in the development and development of new investment projects. More details from the list of projects can be found in the section Projects

One of the projects being implemented by the group is the construction of a wind power plant Staryi Sambir-2, with a capacity of 20.7 MW. The operator of this project Carpathian wind LLC. (see here for more detail)